Oct '06
Ruby search engine
by Frank Spychalski filed under Ruby

When I read that Google offers customizable search engines, I spent a few minutes to create one for my usual ruby searches. It can be found here. Right now, it doesn’t look very nice and I added only about a dozen sites, but I will add more and fine-tune the searches in the next few days. If anybody else wants to contribute, be my guest…

Google provides a bookmarklet called Google Marker, which helps adding new sites. This morning I added about 20 new sites and tweaked the searches.

This morning I added a few more pages and changed the default behavior from “Search the entire web but emphasize included sites.” to “Search only included sites.”.

3 contributors have signed up and I added a lot of new sites. Go visit Ruby & Rails Search and test it.

2 Responses to “Ruby search engine”

  1. 1

    The Google CSE is a great tool.
    I build one using the blogs registered in rubycorner + forums + mailing list

    Edgar (November 13th, 2006 at 15:36)
  2. 2

    I have added a few of the blogs, but not all. As soon as I find the time I will add them all, too. Three contributors have registered. I acked them today (sorry guys, I didn’t get a notification :-( ), so I hope the number of included sites will grow faster now.

    Frank Spychalski (November 14th, 2006 at 11:21)

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