Nov '06
Apple rocks
by Frank Spychalski filed under Computer

nano image

This morning I finally ordered an Ipod Nano Red. I submitted the order around 10:00, I received an order confirmation at 10:40 saying my order will be posted today or tomorrow. A few minutes ago (19:40) I received the shipment notification saying my Nano is on its way. It took them less than 10 hours to process my order, which included engraving the Ipod, which earned them another happy customer and some free advertising :-)

Update 29.11.
I received my Nano yesterday, less than 36h after posting the order. I’m quite happy with it, except for one annoyance which is completely my fault: I forgot that the port on my laptop is only USB 1 and it took ages to put all the music I wanted on the Nano.

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