Jul '11
Cups and duplex banner pages
by schlumpf filed under Computer

After a system update on my computer (Gentoo linux), CUPS (version 1.4.6-r2) suddenly decided it was a good idea to print the banner pages before each printing job double-sided, i.e. with the banner text on both sides of the page. This is annoying because it ruins the usefulness of the blank side of the banner page as scribbling paper.

So how to get rid of this?

There is no simple solution like checking a box somewhere in the CUPS settings. But there is an easy solution nonetheless: you can define your own banner page as described in the CUPS FAQ.

Mine is now a plain text file and looks like this:

           Job Name: {?job-name}

          From User: {?job-originating-user-name}

       Printer Name: {?printer-name}

      Creation Time: {?time-at-creation}

You can also use a postscript file, though I haven’t tried how the {?parameter} thingies work there.

This file needs to go into /usr/share/cups/banner/, then you need to restart the cups-demon, and then you can select the new banner page in the CUPS settings at http://localhost:631, go to Printers->Administration->Default Settings->Banner.

This is then printed single-sided as it should be.

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