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Feb '09
Code reviews work
by Frank Spychalski filed under articles, comments, google

Seems like nowadays I only write blog posts in response to other blog articles… But I hope this is better than not writing at all. Ted Neward asks if code reviews do actually work because evidence suggests, that the scientific review process does not. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun '05
Post instead of a comment
by Frank Spychalski filed under Blog, comments

Just fixed my theme – there was a problem with longer titles which wrapped around under the top of the sidebar. Anyway, it’s fixed. Thanks to Sonic Chicken for the hint.

Tried to leave a comment in Sonic Chicken’s article, but comments are closed. That’s evil, use a spaminator or something similar…

Mar '05
Open Source: Open attack on Wine
by Frank Spychalski filed under comments

edit, forgot the link

Well, at least the folks at Microsoft are admitting that their “Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)” is designed to deny Wine users updates through Windows Update. (I love the Orwellian names that Microsoft comes up with. If there were truth in advertising, WGA would be named “Microsoft License Enforcement” or something similar.)


Like Linux, Microsoft generally didn’t acknowledge Wine’s existance for many years. For Microsoft to acknowledge and block Wine, it must be making at least a small dent in the market. This is why I take the Linux desktop naysayers with a grain of salt: Linux is starting to make inroads in the desktop market.

I really hope they are right about this…

Feb '05
Lemmings DHTML
by Frank Spychalski filed under Fun, comments

this is so cool. Good old Lemmings in DHTML. Thanks Julian!

Jan '05
why do I read this?
by Frank Spychalski filed under comments

When I read articles like Misunderestimating open source I wonder why I read this nonsense. I had to laugh out loud and got strange looks from my colleagues when I read this part:

Open source also goes beyond Linux. For instance, there are many Java open source projects. As with Linux this can lead to confusion. Suns Java is not true open source, because you cant get at the source code.

No, I didn’t edit it. That’s what Dana Blankenhorn wrote.

‘nough said.

Jan '05
Switch is not a code-smell per se
by Frank Spychalski filed under articles, comments

Sonja talks a little bit about wether a switch statement is a code smell or not but seems to miss the point. I think you should look at the amout of work/lines of code/whatever which is shared between all cases vs. the amount per case statement.
Read the rest of this entry »

Jan '05
my first php hack
by Frank Spychalski filed under Fun, comments

notice that ‘comment’-entries no longer appear on the first page ;-)

Jan '05
my 2 cents
by Frank Spychalski filed under comments

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