Jun '08
Chumby goes i18n – soon available outside US?
by Frank Spychalski filed under Computer, Fun

I just stumbled over a this ad for someone to do the internationalization for (probably) I hope this means that they will start selling the chumby outside the US soon :-)

Title: Ruby On Rails I18N Developer
Skills: I18N, Ruby on Rails, mySQL

Job description:

Chumby Industries is looking for a Ruby On Rails/I18N Contractor to deliver results for the internationalization (I18N) effort on the server.
This candidate would be responsible for externalizing all the text strings (both static and dynamically generated) that the website uses so that Chumby could later change the language of the site based on location.

Skills required:
Previous I18N efforts on browser-based platforms
Strong web-based development experience
Ruby on Rails experience
mySQL database experience
Familiarity of layout issues involved with I18N

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