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Jan '07
Difficult start with cakephp
by Frank Spychalski filed under Cakephp, PHP, Work
a cake
by andy47

I’m slowly learning to work with cakephp, but it’s damn hard.
The manual is confusing. I nearly gave up, when I found the blog tutorial in the appendix. Dear authors, this should be chapter 1 or 2! The wiki was removed, but at least some of the content can still be found in the google cache. The Bakery is a mess of articles. some of them cluttered with broken links.[1]

So far I found only two pages with “Rails-quality” documentation: Learning from the CakePHP source code – Part I and Part II.

I someone knows other good documentation for cakephp, please leave a comment.

I forgot to mention that it isn’t even decided yet, that I will use cakephp for my upcoming project. I’d love to hear more about other Rails-like frameworks in PHP. Right now I’m investigating Symfony, which looks promising.

[1] these broken links should let you download code, but the code is provided in the box below, so it’s only an annoyance.